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I am a Engineering Technologist and a long time AFOL.

I like to buy sets mostly from Creator, Technic, and formerly Hero Factory. But on occasion, Lego City will come out with a design that just gets my attention. So, I have a few city kits in my collection. That includes specific models and one sub theme. I am a fan of the Lego City Arctic Theme. I collected most of the sets from 2010 that I wanted, and from the recent 2018 release. I have some long term plans with the Arctic Theme.

I have a hodge podge mix of other sets from promotions, or sets that had parts I needed for my own MOC work. My interests in Lego and modeling are sometimes quite specific. So I am by no means a completist collector.

In the Technic Line, I am a huge fan of the small, to medium Technic mini construction equipment kits (Basically the $7 - $30 range). But I have also bought in the larger sets as well.

My favorite small technic model is the 8290 mini forklift. For some reason, I just love the design of it. If you have never seen it, check it out on Brickset. After that, my favorite kit would be the Technic 9391 tracked crane kit. I love that design from the day it hit the shelves.

Recently, I have taken a liking to getting into the large models. I have decided on two to three projects I want to do with the large model line. My favorite Technic Large Model Kit would be the Technic 8263 Snow Groomer. It was my first "expensive" Lego Technic kit purchase. And wow, am I glad I bought it before it went out of production!

After that, I bought  a very few other large Technic kits. I am pretty picky about what I like. My last purchase in the Technic Line was the 42077 Rally Car. I was down with medical problems and missed the Technic 42069 Extreme Adventure, and Technic 42061 Telehandler. By the time I was starting to get on my feet, Lego had closed them out. I was so bummed. I hope to track down used ones someday.

As for the Hero Factory stuff, I suppose that was a guilty pleasure. I liked bionicle designs, but the universe was hard for me to get into. Hero factory changed that with standardized parts and a more trendy and original story line. For me, Hero Factory had everything I wanted from Bionicle. I intend to finish that collection.

My current MOC interests have been in the 2-wide, and 4-wide scales. I have enjoyed the challenges modeling at that scale places on a modeler. It's hard for me to do Alt builds, because I buy a kit for its design. So, I have made an internal promise to myself to do more of that from now on.

And when I am not doing any of that, I am free-building whatever I want. Previous MOCs have come from interests in modeling a researched vehicle. Now, I model "on the fly", or sometimes, I model "around a part" I find interesting in exploring. Some of those mocs will be coming out of my dark closet storage soon.

If you made it all the way down to here, thanks for reading my profile!


Recent Comments

  • 2 months, 2 weeks ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    Really great work! The attention to details is top notch, such as the stickers and hot dog theme as both the food and design elements. Love the use of figs, and parts from the system to give the model a really good sense of realness.
  • 6 months, 1 week ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    I really like this MOC because in the original creative idea, it tells a story. That it can perform as a MOC for other things is cool, but the original idea is the one I like the best. I don't even follow Ninjago, and I get the story of this MOC. Great work!
  • 6 months, 1 week ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    Yes, I suppose there was a lot of thoughts that went into this design. :D
  • 7 months ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    Hi TRR! Thanks so much for the welcome back. I've been around, just really busy. You hit on the whole "wackiness" of the scene. Who knows what's going to happen when Emmet power's that sweeper up? Think Looney Tunes, or Tim the Tool Guy....
  • 7 months, 1 week ago zeeverse Level 14 MOC Designer
    This model is now on LEGO Ideas. See the updated message at the top of this page for the link! 
    A huge thank you to anyone who votes for this MOC to become an official Lego City Set!