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Montreal, Canada

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I used to be into 12V trains, but now I definitely moved to Technic.

My design philosophy: I'm most interested in clever mechanisms, and it's often that I would first come up with a interesting mechanism, then choose what to build around it. I find it sad that nowadays, the most praise goes to "great paneling" and "nice flowing lines", which I think is as remote to Technic as Modular Buildings are.

- Favorite Technic set: the Class Xerion.
- Favorite Technic MOC: Akiyuyki's Catch & Spin Robots (greatest mechanism I've ever seen).
- Set that initiated my move to Technic: 9391 Tracked Crane (by chance).


Recent Comments

  • 1 day, 3 hours ago olivierz Level 11 MOC Designer
    Very original, I like it! I started to try building it, unfortunately the instructions generated by LDD are so bad, it's just too hard to follow.
  • 1 week ago olivierz Level 11 MOC Designer
    Great, thanks! I'll try to build a model of my own out of it (other than a plane).
  • 1 week ago olivierz Level 11 MOC Designer
    Unfortunately the instructions are too messy to be usable :(  It's neither in linear nor buildable order, and most inner parts are hidden when added..
  • 1 week ago olivierz Level 11 MOC Designer
    I see, I didn't realize it closed on itself, I thought it was a variation. Thanks!
  • 1 week, 1 day ago olivierz Level 11 MOC Designer
    Wow, very interesting. It's tempting to try building something around that.