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I'm just an ordinary Dutch guy that loves building complicated and/or large Lego models.


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  • 5 days, 10 hours ago morningstrummer (1421) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    I'm sorry I have to disappoint you, I only provide the instructions, getting all the parts (modifying them) and assembling the model is all up to you.
  • 3 months ago morningstrummer (1421) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Hello michor,
    The instructions indeed appear to have incorrect parts listings from p104 to p148, Thank you for pointing this out. I never did a test build for these instructions resulting in me never noticing, then on top of that you're te first to mention it.
    I have uploaded a temporary "fixed" version, there might be mistakes on different pages now. This version is only temporary however as I intend to redo the entire instructions to bring the quality up to par with what I'm currently offering (for a free example you can see my 42093 C-Model trike, This update will not change the model itself.

    I'm sorry to have initially disappointed you and hope, that with this I managed to resolve your complaint, if not feel free to contact me and we'll be able to work on a more proper solution.

    Best regards,
  • 5 months, 2 weeks ago morningstrummer (1421) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    Thanks man,
    Creating the instructions is a multi step (and for me multi program) operation:
    -LDcad, for creating the digital model with steps.
    -LPub3d, to turn the digital model into .pdf instructions.
    -Adobe Acrobat, for some touch ups in the .pdf file (Depending on the model this may take just as long as the work in LPub3d)
    -Adobe Photoshop, for creating all the different backgrounds within the instruction, and some post editing on rendered images.
    -Studio, for rendering the 3d model with photo real textures to use as front cover and promotional material.

    Now there is faster ways out there, you can use just Studio for all of this, however you'll lose out on customizability and some quality. Personally I set the quality very high, and thus I can't get away with just Studio.
  • 7 months ago morningstrummer (1421) MOC Designer DESIGNER
    It is quite simple actually.
    The motor's are the trickiest, they are structurally integrated into the front and rear engines so you'll have to design something that resembles the mounting holes on them. (4 technic 7 long beams come a long way to represent 1 motor)
    The receiver sticks out the top of the boiler, when you take it out you can cover up the hole with 4 or 6 black 50950 curved slopes.
    The battery can be replaced with eight 2x4 bricks.
    The rest can be taken out without needing replacement.