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The 1974 Homemaker Living Room set in Canada started it all. Now an AFOL, I rediscovered LEGO with #KaiLewBoy and together we're building #KaiLewBricks . Someday we'll create a MOC worthy of submitting to Rebrickable. Until then, we enjoy discovering and supporting your creations. Sincerely, #KaiLewMom Saundra
PS — This is my account, but #KaiLewBoy and #KaiLewGirl sometimes hover over my shoulder saying, 🗯 “Like that MOC mom.... it's cool!"
PPS — Like parents throughout the world, I too, have stepped on LEGO elements in the dark of night 🤦‍♀️. However, I'm just as likely as the kids to have left them laying on the floor ready for the next day's play ❤️.


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  • 4 days, 9 hours ago CraftingBalance Level 12
    What a great alternative build to the Parisian Restaurant. I especially love the interior details! Great MOC!
  • 4 days, 9 hours ago CraftingBalance Level 12
    With our household self isolation and social distancing during COVID19, a delivery hover truck would sure come in handy... especially if it was carrying LEGO!
  • It’s like a PEZ dispenser of bountiful booty for pirates! Love your MOC design. It fits right in with the current and past Pirate set designs and is creative too!
  • 2 weeks, 4 days ago CraftingBalance Level 12
    I think the true appeal will for the Troll sets will be for those with young ones who see the movie and want something to build/play with after they know the storyline and how the set fits into it (and then the imaginative play takes off and soars from there). When the first Trolls movie was in theatres, I remember looking for theme related toys that weren’t static in their playability. Alas, my young’uns interests have grown beyond the Trolls target market. But that oversized Stetson hat.... brilliant on the mini figure! Best place to store your whip lasso or weapon of choice when your LEGO hands are full riding into the sunset 🌅. Thank you for a thoughtful review. EDIT: changing whip to lasso —> probably a better description of the element;)