This version was sold in a square box (rather than the later rectangular design) with original "Creator Expert" branding.

This version included a front and rear windscreen element (part 2694) which many found poorly presented the iconic windscreens of the MINI Cooper Mark VII upon which this model is based. Reacting to these concerns, LEGO altered the building instructions in December 2014 and repositioned the two windscreens further into the body of the car.

A more robust solution was found in mid-2015 with the creation of a new part (24607). This replacement part can be requested from LEGO Customer Service for those who own the initial version. Remember to add these replacement parts to your loose part inventory on Rebrickable since they are not included in this set's inventory!

Beginning in July 2015, LEGO altered this set's packaging and included the more accurate windscreens in the box contents. For this late 2015 re-issue, see set 10242-2.

For the gift-with-purchase "Mini Model" version, see set 40109-1.
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Name MINI Cooper
Released 2014
Inventory 1077 parts
Theme Creator > Creator Expert
Reviews Brickset
Catalog BrickLink
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