LEGO® Remake was a website that went live in mid 2016 (and removed in early 2019). It was a joint project between The LEGO® Group and Rebrickable in an effort to help promote Alternate Build MOCs.

The intention with this site is to provide older children with creative inspiration to what alternative builds they can make with existing LEGO® sets. In order to provide the inspiration, we reached out to 7 amazing fan designers through Nathan Thom, the owner of Rebrickable. The Rebrickable website inspired the LEGO Remake project and over the past 6+ months we have been working closely with the adult fan designers to find a way to make alternative builds to existing LEGO products. Together with the fan designers, it is our aim to inspire children all over the world to keep building.

The LEGO Group, July 2016

We have 7 designers who have taken part in the Remake project, based on their previous experience and expertise with Alternate Builds and LEGO Digital Designer models.

These MOCs are strictly Alternate Builds of specific sets that LEGO have chosen for this project. The designers have so far submitted 77 MOCs to the Remake site.