42061 Front Loader




A front loader C model for the Telehandler set.
I was looking at the parts in the set, and I saw the bucket and tires, and thought it would make a good loader.

Articulated steering controlled by shifting the pin joiner in front of the cab from side to side.
Bucket elevation controlled by a linear actuator over the front wheels.
Bucket tilting is controlled by an axle joiner on the arm, using the same mechanism as the original set.
You can open the rear engine cover, which contains the 40th anniversary beam.

There are some details such as lights, a seat, a steering wheel, and paneling on the rear.

Note: This MOC doesn't use any new 2017 parts except the bucket, but that can be substituted
by using the 2951 bucket and two 4l axles instead of two 3l axles.
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Name 42061 Front Loader
Designer BrickMan7
Designed 2017
Inventory 168 parts
Theme Technic
Alternate Build of 42061-1 Telehandler
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