RC/PF VW T1 Camper Van(VW T1 BUS) 10 wide




New LEGO/ Lego MOC, VW T1 BUS (VW Camper Van)Is still 10 grain width, the new version is not based on the past version of the upgrade, I refer to a large number of original drawings and objects, re design details, body length, internal structure, and customized manual spraying (silver effect) parts.The new version of the T1 will be a series of my design, I will be based on this chassis for a variety of T1 modified car design (such as: pickups, SUVs, racing cars, trailers and so on, of course, will also consider the static model).T1 is a classic, multi-purpose models, it is worth pondering, I hope there will be more based on the design of the personal style of the modified car appears, I will always maintain this series of drawings sharing.The current version is 1.1, the design will be updated at any time, with the design of the trailer will be released, welcome to communicate with me through MocPages, Sina (Weibo) and other social platforms.

全新LEGO/乐高 MOC,大众T1 BUS(VW Camper Van)仍然是10个颗粒宽度,新版本不是基于过去版本的升级,我参考了大量的原厂图纸和实物,重新设计了车身细节、长度、内部结构,并定制了手工喷镀(镀银效果)的零件。新版本的T1将成为我的一个系列设计,我会基于这个底盘进行各种T1改装车设计(如:皮卡、越野车、赛车、以及拖车等,当然,也会考虑静态模型)。T1是一款经典、多用途车型,非常值得玩味,希望能出现更多基于此设计的个人风格改装车出现,我也会一直保持这个系列设计图纸的共享。目前版本为1.1,设计会随时更新,与之匹配的拖车等设计也会陆续发布,欢迎通过MocPages、新浪(weibo)等社交平台与我交流。
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Name RC/PF VW T1 Camper Van(VW T1 BUS) 10 wide
Designer moonein
Designed 2017
Inventory 641 parts
Theme Other
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