Tantive IV - Ship Interior




This is my first MOC, and is the interior of the Tantive IV as seen in Star Wars Episodes 3, 4 and Rogue One. This is based purely on the parts available within the popular Lego Gunship 75021. I was inspired to build something like this after seeing rouge one. It took me around 2-3 hours to design the main shell/interior and several hours after tweaking the design to make it more sturdy.

The door rotates, the bridge piece is there purely to aid movement. Feel free to replace this with better methods.

Minifigures are best added before step 35 as the design becomes a little awkward to get your hand in after that step.

I managed to recreate 'that Vader scene' in Rogue One using Vader and 6 rebel scout troopers. A blue pin can be added and inserted through a minifigure's legs to give the appearance of the trooper being pinned to the roof... (and best added at the sub assembly on page 36).
If there are any tips or additions using the remaining pieces, please let me know and I'll try and incorporate them (if I have manage to find any spare time)

Side notes:
The instructions have not rendered the translucent black pieces properly (They appear grey). I'll try and correct this at some point. The photos and digital images show how  it should look.
This set assumes the sticker pieces are used, hence steps 15 & 16 are slightly different. If your stickers haven't been applied, it looks better with the one piece.
I tried to get the piece count up and make the exterior better looking by adding a radar dish, but it was a bit low quality looking using the remaining pieces only.  I've added a picture for information.
Feel free to replace the technic 1x2 holed white pieces (32064a) with solid ones if you have spares - again this is design is based upon 75021 pieces only.
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Name Tantive IV - Ship Interior
Designer azzer86
Designed 2017
Inventory 267 parts
Theme Star Wars > Star Wars Episode 4/5/6
Alternate Build of 75021-1 Republic Gunship
Old Trafford
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