8 Speed sequential transmission




This transmission is what I have been building up to over the last few months.
It is an 8 speed sequential and progressive transmission.
I am utilizing my 4 speed sequential transmission MOC-6046 as the basic transmission, and MOC-6054 my 2 speed sequential transmission as a low/high stepper to double the gearing.

I want to thank my son for the idea of using a low/high stepper for more gears.

This results in the following gear ratios:
1 - 1:0.33
2 - 1:0.44
3 - 1:0.60
4 - 1:0.80
5 - 1:1
6 - 1:1.33
7 - 1:1.67
8 - 1:2.22

The gear map is a bit more tricky than my 4 speed. With output at the top and input at the bottom (this would be the 3 16t gears).

For the high/low (top part) High is selected up and low is selected down.
For the 4 speed it is again mapped:


so the gearing to get those ratios is:
1L, 1H, 2L, 2H, 3L, 3H, 4L, and 4H

Now to design a stepper shifter of some sort to run this through the gears. I may choose to add a DNR stage similar to LTG's 42056 Porsche GT3 RS.
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Name 8 Speed sequential transmission
Designer jfb9301
Designed 2016
Inventory 304
Theme Technic
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Submitted by __I__ March 2, 2019
Submitted by __I__ March 2, 2019