Rooikat XL




Chassis instructions and LXF file here

This interesting South African vehicle is classified as an armored fighting vehicle. Using superior speed (up to 50 km/h off-road, 120km/h on-road) that can outrun the barrel of most conventional tanks, and a special naval cannon to deliver rapid fire to make up for the lack of a large round, this vehicle is very well adapted to fighting in the Veldt of South Africa.

The Lego version is much larger than its predecessor, and is there is ample room for the feature the mini version lacked: suspension. The Rooikat XL has all four rear wheels powered, either with a differential for maximum speed, or without for maximum Veldt fun. It is built with the S-Brick in mind, as the XL motors draw insane power. the IR Receiver is not a substitute in this vehicle, since the S-brick is now housed deep in the front of the chassis.
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Name Rooikat XL
Designer Chocolate_Einstien
Designed 2016
Inventory 1157 parts
Theme Technic
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