Juggernaut-42038 mod




this is largely just adding a shell and wheels to the Arctic truck. I did away with some of the complaints of annoying steering problems with the large steering knob on top. If people want, I can build a rack of tires around it so It's a little less conspicuous. Or, you could make it less conspicuous by going back to that tiny knob. I widened the wheelbase to 19 studs in front and back, added four-wheel steering, and added a shell to do away with that annoying flimsy crane.  Studio wouldn't let me attach the front suspension or the back suspension, so I'll leave it up to you to attach that. I also included a stand that i designed to specifically work with this and the original truck. I also added some axles to the model in the wrong color; make sure you check the inventory for that part. the inventory has the correct colors. You do need to attach the top to the base, as Studio didn't want to let me do that either. The wheelbase will work with the wheels in the instructions, but my physical version used the wheels from 42081. This does have a fair bit of rock in the suspension, even with stiff springs. This weighs 44.915 ounces, or about three pounds. it is 24.1 inches long, 21.3 inches wide, and 7.8 inches high. It is 76 studs long, 68 studs wide, and 25 studs high. It contains 993 parts, with 120 different lots. Enjoy!
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Name Juggernaut-42038 mod
Designed 2020
Inventory 991 parts
Theme Technic > Model
Modification of 42038-1 Arctic Truck
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Feb. 16, 2020, 3:38 a.m.
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