42110 Pimp up my Land Rover




These are my improvements to pimp up 42110 Land Rover Defender.

- Includes free 213 pages PDF with step-by-step building instructions.
- You will need 166 additional parts to the original set 42110-1.  Use rebrickable's compare feature to see which parts you need.

NEW: Now with Ackermann steering and easy to removable body!!!

v1.3 (2020-02-17)

- Changed gear ratio to slow down gearbox and reduce friction by keeping the same engine speeds like suggested by @Leewan
- Added Ackermann steering
- Added the Easy Body-Removal as suggested by @Pattspatt.
- I modified Pattspatt's solution in chassis and body for more rigidity and easier handling while mounting / removing of the body

v1.2 (2019-11-13)

small bug fixes in part list, MPD and PDF.

v1.1 (2019-11-12)

The original design had these mistakes:
  - shifting up lead to higher revolution of engine
  - reverse gear ratio was comparable to 4th gear
  - Hi / Lo switch did not effect reverse gear
And these weaknesses:
  - low engine speed in total
  - high torque in gear train and stick-slip caused by universal joints

So I redesigned a complete new gear train sequence including DNR, Hi/Lo and 4-speed-gearbox, that in the end came out with direct connections without any universal joints:

- 4WD transmission geared up using 16/16 gears instead of 8/24 
- center diff goes to Hi/Lo selector first. Hi is normal drive, Lo is for off road use
- then goes to DNR selector (Drive/Neutral/Reverse) with 1:1 gear ratio between 1st gear and reverse gear
- in D selection the 4 speed gearbox will be connected by direct axle connection without universal joints
- gearbox output goes directly to engine without using universal joints
- avoiding friction by not using stop axles in gear train
- axles always guided on both sides of gears (best practice learned from didumos69)
- geared up drive train to have faster engine speeds
- gearing up by moving gear selector wheel to the right and gearing down by moving left
- Hi/Lo selector works as indicated by the Hi/Lo stickers

Reducing friction and adding stiffness to steering mechanism

Small modification of rubber band fixture at the rear door closing mechanism as suggested by Coolusername

Have fun to pimp up your Land Rover!
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Name 42110 Pimp up my Land Rover
Designer jb70
Designed 2019
Inventory 2642 parts
Theme Technic
Modification of 42110-1 Land Rover Defender
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