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The Honda NSX is the original japanese supercar, built to outdo every other supercar in performance and price, all while keeping it practical for everyday driving. I tried my best to get this model as close to the perfection of its real counterpart as possible.

I used Sariel's Model Scaler to get all the measurements right, I can only recommend this amazing tool.

You can find some more detailled pictures on my Bricksafe:


Scale: 1:7.7
Legth: 57 cm
Weight: 2.9kg

-V6 fake engine
- 6-speed manual transmission
-HoG Steering with moving steering wheel, featuring Ackermann steering geometry
-Pop up headlights
-Opening hood, doors, glass engine cover, trunk and glove box
-Double wishbone suspension on all wheels
-Detailled engine and interior

I built this car for myself, and put more love and time into this model than anything else I have ever done before. I didn't want to do instructions at first, but thanks to the help of @Thorsten50 they are here now. Thorsten's work is simply amazing, and I am very happy to be able to offer you such high quality instructions for my model.

I hope you like my model, and have fun building;)

Gray Gear

If you are a Purist, this model is not for you, I am very sorry. To get this model the way I had to use some pieces in colors LEGO does not offer, So you'll have to use some "Offbrand-Pieces", or some Paint.

Here is a List of these Pieces, they are not included in the main Parts list:

Pieces you need in this exact color:
3x 24118 in Black
2x 63869 in Red
2x 60483 in Red
Pieces that would be nice in the right color, but different colors also work:
7x 87083 in Black
2x 55615 in Black
2x 2853 in Black
4x 23800 in Crome
2x 32123a in Red

Most of these Pieces should be availabe on Aliexpress.

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Name MOC - 90's Honda NSX
Designer Gray_Gear
Designed 2019
Inventory 4068 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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