Land Rover Defender 110




Land-Rover Deffender (110 version).  This is not a truck trial or a normal 4x4. 
My history with this vehicle:  When I was a child, in my town, everyone used a Land-Rover Defender (usually very old) to go to the countryside, mainly for the agriculture. It's a extraordinary cross-country car and nearly indestructible. That's the reason why it's very used all around the world.  Since then, I am a Land-Rover Defender fan (nowadays, I have two of them to use in my family's farm).  I tried to built it some years ago, but with the parts avaiable in that moment it wasn't possible...(because of the wheels mainly).  But, with the Unimog tires was the perfect moment to built it definetly. 

This model is made in 1:8.4 scale, thus remains in 28 studs wide, 65 of length and 29 of high (without roof).

It have 5+R speeds secuential gearbox, with auto clutch. The mechanism disconnect the clutch, change the speed and connect it again, pushing only once the controller.
The speeds ratio:
R - 2.08:1
1 -  1.67:1
2 -  1.25:1
3 -  1:1
4 -  1:1.33
5 -  1:1.67 
Also it has 2-speeds transfer case:
High range - 1:1
Low range - 3:1
Finally it has RWD and AWD modes
The maximal speed in high range 5th speed is around 4 kph(2.5mph)

It has front and rear live axles with long-travel suspension.

Complete interior with working steering wheel(3.6 laps, as the original Defender) and gearbox speed indicator. 

It uses 3 IR recievers and 7 PF motors:  - 2XL for drive - M for the steering - XL for main gearbox - M for the brakes - M for the tranfer case - M for connect the AWD  Of course the 4-cylinder fake engine moves with the drive motors.

The steering system is based in the real live axles system, it not uses the typical rack and pinion.

It has disc brakes in all wheels. They are very powerfull, enought to stop the transmision.

Also you can disasembly the bodywork removing only 4 pins and the steering wheel, do it is very fast.

With the bodywork removed, you can remove 5 more pins and take out the complete powertrain.
The powertrain includes:
- 4-cylinder fake engine
- Clutch
- Secuential gearbox
- Transfer case
- RWD-AWD selector

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Name Land Rover Defender 110
Designer Sheepo
Designed 2012
Inventory 3438 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Off-Road
Lego Pirate Adventure
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