I recently had the opportunity to revisit some old Judge Dredd comics from 2000AD. In one of the longer stories Judge Dredd must cross the Cursed Earth to take an antidote to Mega-City Two. Due to the very dangerous nature of the Cursed Earth the Judges opt to use the "Modular Fighting Unit" which comprises a fast, wheeled section - the "Land Raider" - and a heavier, armoured & tracked section - the "Killdozer".

These instructions contain the steps to build the "Killdozer" tracked vehicle, see MOC-28666 for the instructions to build the "Land Raider". Each vehicle uses IR Power Functions and they can be driven together (as the "Modular Fighting Unit") or independently.

The Good
Manages to look well armoured and somewhat threatening.
Proportions are a good match to my blue prints, derived from the comics and die-cast models online.
Free high quality PDF instructions (147 pages).
Chassis and bodywork are built separately and both are fairly sturdy
Vehicle is driven using a subtractor with 2x PF Large Motors

The Bad
Fitting the bodywork to the chassis is fiddly and is the only way to fully access the battery box.
The weight of the bodywork has a big impact on how the vehicle drives (recommend hard floors only).
There are a couple of issues with the BOM (1) universal joints are in pieces and (2) the 88323 Link Treads are missing (Qty: 88)

I got really stuck on this build and went through many iterations to fix issues with gears and reinforcing various parts of the model. As ever there are lots of compromises here as I tried to constrain the size and weight. I'm disappointed that it drives so poorly with the weight of the bodywork in place - without it the chassis works well. To join this model to the "Land Raider" there is a crude locking mechanism at the front of the "Killdozer", operated by turning a gear at the rear. The two locking beams should be pointing downwards when the vehicles are brought together (they slot into the back of the "Land Raider") and then the gear should be used to rotate them through 90 degrees or so. It's not a perfect system but it does work and generally gives a strong enough bond to keep them together.

I'll add a third MOC shortly with both BOM's combined into one so you can easily see if you can build the entire set.

LDCad was again used to do the modelling, LPub3D to produce the instructions and the ImportLDraw plugin was used to create the Blender render - my thanks to all the people working hard to create this free software!

Please note that "Judge Dredd" and "2000AD" are registered trademarks of Rebellion Group Ltd.
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Name Killdozer
Designer Snospar
Designed 2019
Inventory 1104 parts
Theme Technic > Model
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