Tank Turret




This is another shooting mechanism that overcomes some of the disadvantages of the previous ones:
- It only requires two motors and allows for full remote control with a two channer IR-controller. This is possible thanks to the free wheel that allows for angle adjustment.
- It has minimum profile thanks to the individual rounds that are loaded. So no space for ejecting the empty clip is required.
- It holds a total of 13 rounds.
This is possible thanks to a mechanism, which holds the projectile in position and drops it into the empty barrel ones the shooting lever is loaded. This makes the mechanism reliable even in rough terrain. The twin cannon is therefore perfectly suited for integration into any RC-tank or offorad vehicule.
Construction hints:
The building is quite difficult as a result of the high integration. You may need to build the cannons individually and then join them at the end.
Make sure that you build the freewheel exaclty as shown in the LDD file for proper function.
The shooting mechanism is based on the yellow rubber bands that are installed like this. Instead steel springs can be used that are installed like this. These must be installed first. For out of phase operation of the two guns the Technic 40 gears must be shiftet by 45°.
The installation of the white and blue rubber bands is like this and that.
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Name Tank Turret
Designer kueden
Designed 2019
Inventory 454
Theme Technic > Model
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