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Here is my replica of early Porsche 911. The prototype is 2.0 Coupé 1964. The scale of the model to the original is 1:13.

This is the same MOC as MOC-10271 but with PDF instructions hosted on Rebrickable platform.

On the photos there is a modified version with stickers and custom chromed parts. In the instructions I used official LEGO parts only. You can download BrickLink parts list for both chromed and original versions from my Bricksafe page.

Please note that blue, red (not dark), yellow and most white parts can be any colour.

Before trying to build please read the following carefully.

– This model is not recommended for persons under 16 years of age and those with little experience in building more complex models.
– The assembly is likely to take quite a bit of your time. It might be the reason for exasperation and nervous breakdowns, can cause unpleasant sensations in the fingers.
– The model is very fragile and is intended to be admired from its spot on a shelf, it is not suitable for active games.
– Before purchasing, please review the list of required parts. Many of them are no longer being issued and might be harder to find. Several hoses must be cut manually.

The sample pages from the instructions:

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Name Early Porsche 911, PDF Instructions
Designer buildme
Designed 2017
Inventory 1708 parts
Theme Creator > Creator Expert
Old Trafford


  • 2 weeks, 5 days ago vded Level 16 PRO
    Built the model, outstanding work, very clever building process, very fragile at the end because of the SNOT and "illegal" techniques.
    Sometimes it got me so frustrated that I thought to stop it entirely. But I didn't give up. And I consider myself a very experienced builder having built many difficult mocs from here. 
    But man, when you see this thing in flesh you just love it, just as it's color palette.
    Buddy I'm thinking to build your Golf too, does it have these things I've mentioned above?
    • 2 weeks, 4 days ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
      Thank you for detailed feedback and also for photos!
      If you are asking me about my yellow Golf, then I would say that the building process is not so complicated, although the model is still not strong as the official LEGO sets.
  • 1 month ago dave13603 Level 3
    Having an issue understanding the first step on page 29.  The second piece is supposed to attach somehow to the piece 4085b from page 28?
    • 1 month ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
      Yes, exactly!
      • 1 month ago dave13603 Level 3
        Does it have to be modified or glued?  I don't see any way to have these stay together.  I can't even force them together.
        • 1 month ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
          No, if parts are new or slightly used, they should fit each other. If you cannot insert one into another, then this is not part 4085b, maybe 4085c.
          • 1 month ago vded Level 16 PRO
            I have the same issue. I have fitted correct part number, 4085b but when I put it inside the slope, the slope pop out because of the force of the clip.
            The clip is a bit compressed to it can go inside the slope and then the physics do their job. The compressed clip it opens and pop out the slope.
  • 2 months, 1 week ago AdriaanDB Level 6
    Looks absolutely stunning! This could easily be in the Creator Expert line, next to the Mini Cooper, VW Beetle, ... Shame though that apparently the building techniques are not that stable.
  • 2 months, 1 week ago tibi512 Level 8
  • 3 months ago tomasz01 Level 6
    I have just finished the model - it took my 2 days to assemble it.

    I loved the design from the beginning. Especially the colour. And I must say it looks great in real life.

    There were a few moments where I wanted to cry and sell all the bricks - front fenders assembly, dashboard and the luggage under the bonnet. Apart from this it was straight forward and I did not have major problems.
    As it was mentioned before - it is supposed to stay on shelf and no one should touch it - ever :P 

    It is a great addition to my cars collection.
  • 3 months ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
    Hi everyone! Recently I was informed what some guys are selling all parts for this model on their website: https://theblockzone.com/
    Since they did't contact me before the start of the sale and I know nothing about this, I would like to ask if someone has already ordered or received a package from this resource? What is the quality of the parts? Is everything in proper quantity and condition?

    Also one tip for those who is building from used parts: put them for several hours into water with detergent for laundry machines, then rinse in a water. After that the friction between the parts will increase a lot.
    • 3 months ago vded Level 16 PRO
      As far as I can tell from the prices, and because I've built many of the models they're selling they must be something like Lepin. They're is no way the Hoonicorn to cost around 150 pounds including their profit. Last week gathered all the parts for around 500€.
      • 3 months ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
        Thank you for reply. I also think they can't be genuine LEGO parts.
    • 1 month, 3 weeks ago Foxant Level 3
      I purchased from them. Good communication and reasonable shipping speed.
      There are a few parts missing. The colouring is a bit inconsistent- mainly with the red body parts. The quality of the parts and figment makes this an even more frustrating build. Almost impossible without using an adhesive. A number of pieces are configured incorrectly. For example the doors use a 87087 which should have a solid back, the ones supplied do not. I am left with 5 holes on the exterior door which destroys the whole aesthetics.
      • 1 month, 2 weeks ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
        Thank you for the information. It was expected that for this price there would be parts of dubious quality. As I remember when I designed this model, only missing parts cost around 300€. As for the colours - it is hard to match parts in dark red. I was surprised how colours can vary for the true LEGO parts.
  • 3 months, 1 week ago evenfall Level 3
    Amazing. This could easily be an official Creator set, without any modifications. Great job!
    • 3 months, 1 week ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
      Thank you! I'm afraid this model is too fragile to pass requirements by Lego :)
  • 4 months ago tibi512 Level 8
    • 4 months ago jzijleman Level 9 PRO
      then you did not build it from real Lego bricks.
      • 3 months, 2 weeks ago tibi512 Level 8
      • 3 months, 2 weeks ago yicaiweng Level 3
        why did you assume that he didnt use lego bricks? because he typed in Chinese and all Chinese ppl using knock off bricks?
    • 3 months, 1 week ago klotzfisch Level 4
      I have exactly the same issues. Many sections are way too fragile. I had to glue some parts of the dashboard because it fell apart on the lightest touch. Also the hood comes off easily. The front fenders are modular and held together by only three studs in total. Very often parts r groups of parts  are only connected to one stud.The suspension is build in a way that the wheels come off if I press too hard from above. I had to reinforce the underside of the chassis with additional plates. The roof uses several old light grey parts. Those aren't in production for several years ago so the parts available don't always have good clutch power. 
      The car itself looks good, but the building techniques don't always work as intended. Sometimes it seemed that complicated techniques are used just to make it complicated.
      Overall I cannot recommend this MOC. I never felt as frustrated and aggressive while building Lego as with this model. I build to relax not to master one complication after the other.
      • 3 months, 1 week ago buildme Level 14 Designed this MOC
        I am really sorry you didn't see my warning before purchasing these instructions. Hope next official LEGO set will help you to enjoy and relax ;)
  • 5 months ago madman1983 Level 6
    impressive, good job with getting the shaps right on this build
  • 6 months, 1 week ago wcrnwcrn Level 7
    Toppie, bougth the plan. Next step => sorting out the bricks already have!
  • 6 months, 4 weeks ago _brickfan._ Level 9 MOC Designer
    Looks very nice!!!
    At the first view I thought it isn't a Lego model!
  • 6 months, 4 weeks ago HiT Level 11
    Wow, just amazing! Feels like a collectible!
  • 7 months ago psmyth Level 16
    Boy is this ever done well!!.Love that color!!
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