Mutant 143




Mutant 143 was the son (named Jason) of William Stryker. He had the ability to manipulate others minds and drown them in illusions. His father was upset with him and sent him to the school of the gifted from professor Xavier. However, there he wasn't 'cured' and his father took him back. His mother died because she tried to drill out the illusions made by her son. William Stryker performed lobotomy and Jason ended up in a wheelchair where his cerebral fluid was harvested. William discovered that he could manipulate other mutants by administering this fluid to them.
Mutant 143 died in Canada when he was used by William Stryker to kill all mutants and also by Magneto to kill all humans. When the dam collapsed it is assumed he drowned.
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Name Mutant 143
Designer Bolbuyk
Designed 2015
Inventory 62
Theme Super Heroes > X-Men
Gingerbread House
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