4100 Okapi cruiser




Playing with the concept of the front section of the Hammercross I wanted to see what would happen if I went all out: to combine all three windscreen and make the front section as large as possible. As I wanted to make good use of the sloped bricks I knew I had to extend it quite a bit and I want to include the dark gray chimney-like brick as well which would create quite large dimensions for the front section. I was not sure if it would work out but I knew I had plenty of red bricks and plates. It was not easy to get right. I wanted the structure to be solid enough and incorporated all the wing plates. When I got to a complete shape there was a lot wrong with it. Many parts were haphazardly placed and the design looked poor. What followed was a series of modifications in which I gradually improved the look and feel until I got to a point that the only way forward was to break most of it down and try again. Nevertheless I thought it look good enough. The back section went relatively easy. It would be relatively very small to the front sections and I aimed to used as few red parts as possible. The result is very distinct but also somewhat striking in its unusual shaped and design. In the picture I had to add a stand from the leftover parts so it could stand up, so that is a minor weakness in the design. It is certainly not perfect but a challenge well mastered. Would I try it again to see if I could improve on it? I think I can but I don't know if I will.
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Name 4100 Okapi cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 182 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4100-1 Maximum Wheels
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