Battlestar Galactica MK1 Colonial Viper (Gray)




This is the Gray version of my white MK1 Viper, with some updates and improvements to accuracy and structure. 

With all of my MOC's, I have optimized for price and parts availability. I want my MOC's to be affordable for people to purchase, so I reduce the different parts and optimize colors when available.

NOTE: for potential builders!!

LDD does not have the 2x2 Curved Slope so I had to use the 1x2 instead. When ordering parts, I replaced 60 of the 24201 with 30 of the 32803 to bring the cost down. (so you have 30 32803 and 6 24201)

In addition, for some reason LDD does not import the decal on the Canopy. So replace 30372 with 30372p79 (the X-Wing canopy)

Finally, 4150 in Light Bluish Gray is the 2x2 round cover, you want 4150ps4 which has the venting decal. 

To create the Minifigure (Starbuck or Apollo) he can be assembled from existing Minifigs. 
Torso - Han Solo (from the SOLO movie)
Legs - Tan pants (Luke Bespin or other)
The headpiece from one of the Mummy figures and clip the lower parts to look more like a helmet. I bought some KO minfigures to mess with and I think he came out good!
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Name Battlestar Galactica MK1 Colonial Viper (Gray)
Designer apenello
Designed 2019
Inventory 560 parts
Theme Space
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