4100 Buzzard cruiser




I was not sure if it would turn out to be a viable model when I started. I was playing with ideas and started with the so-called wings. My aim was to create something long and fairly symmetrical. Once that was done I had to figure out a tail and body. The outline for the tail came first but I didn't know how I would want to continue, so I moved on to the body. Again I started with the outline and played with some variations until I decided those didn't work and I needed to approach this differently. Instead of trying to make a large body I kept it flat and changed the dimension so that the cockpit would be relatively large. I was already using up quite some bricks so I continued with the underside so that I had at least covered that. The tail proved to be the hardest part. In my first rendition I made it high and while it didn't look that bad I wanted to try some different approaches. In the end I settled with the current setup which is longer and lower.

Overall I am quite pleased with the result. The so-called wings are odd but still quite charming to me. One may have to get used to it. It might have been better to have done the body and tail in a similar style, but now the contrast, also in color, is quite striking. The color scheme works out quite nicely.
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Name 4100 Buzzard cruiser
Designer drosse
Designed 2019
Inventory 185 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4100-1 Maximum Wheels
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