Lego City 60240 Major Mods




This MOC MOD is a kit bash of the 2019 Lego City 60240 "Kayak Adventures" which is heavily modded with the help of the 2019 Lego Creator 31087 "Dune Buggy" kit. I knew there were many aspects of the 60240 Kayak Adventure Truck that I liked, and I knew there was going to be some serious customization done before I would consider my version of the model as "finished." What was so awesome was that when I saw the Creator 31087 "Dune Buggy" release and checked the parts, I discovered I would be able to use it as a transitional kit to kind of "flesh out" where I wanted to go with the 60240. This resultant Alt build of 60240 combined with 31087 does actually become an official "Alt Build", because I am limiting the customization to only the parts of the two kits. So, this "interim" step in my customization process just happened to produce an Alt-Build I thought others might like to see. Who knows? Maybe it would be of some use of them, while I nit and pick over the final version of my customized 60240, which will result in specially ordered parts to make the "final" modded vehicle. I am quite pleased with this interim ALT Build. It has a nice look to it, and looks good next to my Lego City 60055 "Monster Truck", which did not serve as in inspiration, as I was building a street vehicle. If any Lego Release would be on par with my 60240, it would be the classic Town 6675 "Road & Trail 4x4", which also did not serve as an inspiration as it is a completely different kind of model. That said, both the 6675 and 60055 are really great designs. But I think the shot of the minifig's facial expression in the "front view" image down below really matches the effect I was going for in my final build of 60240.


Thanks for looking! See you on the next post!
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Name Lego City 60240 Major Mods
Designer zeeverse
Designed 2019
Inventory 136 parts
Theme Town > City
Alternate Build of 60240-1 Kayak Adventure
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