42082 - Strengthening the Telescopic Boom




Hi all :)
This is a simple way to strengthen the main telescopic boom of the 42082 Rough Terrain Crane. It does not require many pieces (36 in total), looks good (in my opinion :) ) and works quite well.

To add this extra support, you just need to build the crane as per the instructions that come with the crane, or which you can download from the Lego website. I have not got Lego digital designer on my laptop, so a simple set of photos are available for free on Bricksafe to help you put it together. Also included on the Bricksafe gallery are some pictures of the test loading I did to help you see the benefit of my strengthening of the crane's boom.

Please note that there are two sub folders in this moc's bricksafe main folder which show pictorially what is needed for the two parts of this additional strengthening of the boom.

I first thought of the need to strengthen the boom when I loaded it with about 1.2kg of weight and saw how the rectangular pieces between the I-Beams started to pull apart. The solution of 6 * 5-hole technic beams across the joins helped. This is particularly noticeable if you try to connect them whilst a heavy load is attached to the hook.

Since Lego Technic linear actuators are not particularly long (at the moment) I thought of a simple lengthening structure to help spread the forces further up the boom (only 18 parts).
To test out the impact of this, I got a 600ml bottle of water, made a contraption to hang it from the crane (total weight, including the bottle of water, was 800g) and measured the height of the boom just below the 2nd pulley wheel which the cranes 'cable' runs over. With the load attached, the measurement was 47.2cm (this is not the total height, but just where the tape met the housing of the tape measure), and after adding the extra supports, the measurement was 47.7cm.
A 0.5cm improvement does not sound much, but the way the forces were distributed through the model was much more efficient, and the angle of the boom was not displaced as much.

This is my first published MOC, I hope the photographs are clear enough, if not, leave some comments and I will endeavour to get the problem resolved within a day or so.

Many Thanks.

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Name 42082 - Strengthening the Telescopic Boom
Designer Brickfan
Designed 2019
Inventory 37 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Construction
Modification of 42082-1 Rough Terrain Crane
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