Mortal Engin Micro scale / what can I do with spare parts




This MOC is the result of spare parts I had while collecting Bricks for MOMAtteo79´s Star Wars Skyline Architecture.  was corious about the limitation of what I can built just with these spare parts I had left. After a while I had built what you can see now. It looks a bit like the Citys in  the movie "Mortal Engines".  Whatever, it gave my the idea for a next project to built a small version of a "Mortal Engines" ( by the way the Citys looks great but the movie is crap in my opinion) maybe motorised?

Well I hope it gives you also inspiration for a own Mortal Engine ....some parts are missing in the part list ( could not find, still a greenhorn in these things try my best to get better) but there is a picture of all the parts ( it is just some lots, not much) 

have fun
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Name Mortal Engin Micro scale / what can I do with spare parts
Designer Milas
Designed 2019
Inventory 112 parts
Theme Other
Old Trafford
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by Milas