AH-77 Hunter helicopter




Model was build by steph77 from Eurobricks, I have made only instructions. List of fearures:
-motorized rotors by two M motors+ fake jet engine whit working fan
-collective blade control
-cyclic blade control
-pitch control
-chain gun orientation and tilting from the gunner seat (joystick)
-laser and night vision pod orientation (connected to the pitch of the chain gun)
-operating suspension on main landing gear
-tail wheel orientation
-back aileron pitch controlled by a lever
-opening doors on opposite sides for pilot and gunners (as in real life, it allows to get in/out the aircraft very quickly)
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Name AH-77 Hunter helicopter
Designer Ivan_M
Designed 2019
Inventory 1359 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Airport


  • 1 year ago chefkaspa Level 7
    As this is supposed to be a military aircraft I wanted to have some sort of camouflage colour scheme. I have chosen shades of green with emphasis on dark (first, original) green. Augmented by dark grey for those pieces not in my collection.
    Levers are in white (collective), yellow (tail rotor) respectively red (cyclic) to highlighten these mechanisms.

    (I find it difficult to capture the impression of this model & colour in a photo.)

    New picture of black version:

    Both of them:
    • 10 months, 2 weeks ago chefkaspa Level 7
      I've re"painted" the green version. The US Marines AH-1 is shown in light blue (in flims, TV series) and I was curious how that would show up in LEGO. I think I like that even better than green but I cannot compare...
      (Also, I have replaced the green seats in the black model by brown ones)
  • 1 year ago chefkaspa Level 7
    I'm currently building the helicopter (@step #76). Until now it is a very dense build and also appears to be very sturdy.

    If I may drop a few remarks on the instructions:
    - #14: you have to assemble substep 1 from the inset, attach it to the chassis and then perform substep 2
    - on page 10 (e.g. between step #20 and #21): There is a misplaced (or redering issue?) blue 3L friction pin in #2 and #3. It should be below on the left motor.
    - pay attention to connect both levers for the cyclic control between steps #59 and #60.
    - #68 pilot seat cannot be attached if connecting pin is put into 3x5L beam. Instead, put 3L pin to the chassis and the attach L beam.
    - #70 the 9L link has to be loosened from the swash plate to put in the panel unit. This also presents a tight fit.
    - I kept the cables from the motor outside during assembly. But now, at step #76 I wonder if they should be better put inside, e.g. where the battery box will be placed, somewhere between #35 and #44...
    • 1 year ago Ivan_M Level 11 Designed this MOC
      Thank you very much for your input. I agree that some steps are a little bit more difficult to understand or perform, I usually try to compress it adding a lot of pieces at one time.

      Page 6, step 14 - yes it is better to insert 12T gear as last step
      Page 10 step 2 - it is rendering issue, the view angle is not the best, if you zoom into the picture you will see that the pins are placed correctly, but they are overlapping and difficult to see
      Page 51 (between steps 59 and 60) - yes this is very difficult to show correctly in instructions
      Page 61 step 70 - yes you have to dismount the link, it is impossible to assemble it in different way
      Cable routing - It is best to route cables through inside and between the perpendicular connector and two black pins placed in step 43. It is quite tight, you can experiment, the cables should be long enough for some alrernate routes. See page 218 how the BB is connected so you can try it before you advance in build.
      • 1 year ago chefkaspa Level 7
        Today I finished the helicopter for now: I am missing some parts to complete the helicopter especially the swash plate and a few decorative bits.

        I found these instructions much more clear than the one for the AW-169.

        Some more comments:
        I replaced the turbine (#76 resp. #88) by this setup:

        I could not get in the 'joystick' in step #117. It can be placed more easily before steps #111 and #112.

        The add-parts-inset of step #124 shows the 'shooter' while the main picture has the brick-build cannon (which I copied to my version).
        • 1 year ago Ivan_M Level 11 Designed this MOC
          That turbine is good idea. The brick-build canon is necessary because ldraw library is missing the 3d model of the gun shell. Looks very nice in green. I'm still improving my skills when it comes to instructions making, hopefully next one will be even better.
  • 1 year ago LegoGlen Level 13 MOC Designer
    Wow, incredible model, so many finctions.
  • 1 year ago Shandyman Level 18
    WoW! An excellent rendition of this beast. Well done sir!
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