4WD RC Buggy




Greyhound - 4WD RC Buggy with BuWizz 2

First of all, a big thank you to everybody who supported me in the corresponding WIP-topic on Eurobricks!

2019/03/15 - I improved the way the rims are connected to the turn-tables and updated the instructions accordingly. I made MOD-instructions in case you would want to upgrade your existing build with these changes: https://photos.app.goo.gl/nAw92pxpnCykSkSj8

2018/12/08 - The first and probably only links that can disconnect while driving are the pins with towball that connect the gearrack assembly to the steering links. Based upon reports from people that have built this model, it's highly advisable to use set-screws to secure these pins. Drive the screws all the way in. They should surpass the outer ridges of the pin:

2018/11/19 - I corrected the image showing the WD40 spray. It now shows PTFE spray, as mentioned in the text.
2018/11/18 - I made a small correction to the order of images.

Apart from pursuing performance, this model explores what's possible when it comes to robustness and durability. This has much to do with the fact that this is a 4WD model with 2 BuWizzes. A lot of power is sent to both the front and the rear wheels. That puts high demands on the strength of all kind of things; the steering, the suspension, the chassis, the bodywork. I had to think outside the beaten track on all these aspects, while holding on to requirements such as Ackermann geometry, small turning radius, extensive suspension travel and minimal slack in moving parts. But adding strength and coherence comes at the price of using more parts, which adds weight, which requires even more strength, etc. With this model I have tried to find a balance between performance, robustness and weight. A balance that fits the power of 2 BuWizzes and 4L motors on the one hand and a 4WD model built from LEGO on the other hand.

-Pages 163, 169, 303, 304, 349 and 350 show the results of obsolete steps. They are made transparent and have a red cross at the bottom-right corner. They only serve to inform you about some additions that should be ignored in further steps. The replacement steps are at the end of the instructions, starting from page 703.
-If you want the BuWizzes to be removable more easily, remove the red pins holding them, after page 532.
-To avoid wear and improve performance, it is advisable to lubricate the springs and the turn-tables. Use PTFE spray from WD40 (so NOT the normal WD40 spray). The impact modifier in ABS dissolves in the silicon carrier in silicon spray. WD40 PTFE spray does not have this issue.
-Try to keep your turn-tables clean.
-2 BuWizzes are not included in the inventory.

-Turn-table-based wheel-hubs with minimal slack
-4WD by means of 4 L-motors powered by two BuWizz 2 units
-Fully independent suspension
-Steering with Servo-motor
-30 degree steering angle with Ackermann geometry
-Caster angle
-Fake V8-engine driven by M-motor
-Can handle a rough ride
-Liftable by roof, nose and tail
-Everything in-system

Notes on parts
- 99773 (Technic Beam Triangle Thin [Type II]) used inside the front suspension module should not be confused with 2905 (Technic Beam Triangle Thin [Type I]).
- 95292c01 (Technic Shock Absorber 9.5L with Extra Hard Springs) are quite expensive. You might consider assembling them yourself from the cheaper 2909c03 (Technic Shock Absorber 9.5L with Soft Springs) and non-LEGO springs. On doctor-brick.de the following springs have been suggested:

Some indoor playing...

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Name 4WD RC Buggy
Designer Didumos
Designed 2018
Inventory 1912 parts
Theme Technic
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