Battlestar Galactica: Minotaur




This is my model ofthe Minotaur class gunship from the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock strategy
game. The ship is from the first Cylon war set around 50 years before the time of the 2004 reimagined series. The ship was used and designed by thecolony of Aerilon and was quickly integrated into the Colonial Fleet
after the signing of the articles of Colonization at the start of the war.

This MOC consists of 1748 parts and is 410mm in length. Idecided to design this ship to scale my modified version ofthe UCS Battlestar Galactica designed by manglegrat (abuild whichI would highly recommend checking out).

All of the red bricks in the model can be swapped out for anycolour to help save some money. The LDD files
the build are on my bricksafe’ve also uploaded a slightly deconstructed version of themodel that makes theLDD generated instructions slightly more logical. There’s also a set of stickers containing the colonial fleet emblem and two for the
ship name (I’ve called mine Krakatoa).

I decided to change up the design of the neck section and thebottom somewhat as the design from the game looked a little plain and 2D in lego form however the general look of those areas haven’t changed I’ve simply added some greebling and elevated someareas slightly.

Ill try and get some actual pictures of the finished productup as oppose to just the renders soon however Im having problems with the focusing on my camera at the moment so it may be a while.
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Name Battlestar Galactica: Minotaur
Designer Ezra_Price
Designed 2018
Inventory 1751 parts
Theme Other
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