Noah's Ark




Noah's Ark
Then the Lord said to Noah, “Go into the ark, you and all your household, for I have seen that you are righteous before me in this generation.” ~ Gen 7:1

Set Features -
1,098 pieces
2 Easy to Remove Sections –The Roof & Second Story easily detach from the main hull.
3 Functional Elements:
Port Loading Ramp – The Port wall hinges down & a walkway can be extended to help load the animals on board.
 Starboard Doors - The Starboard wall opens into 2 double doors, granting greater access to the interior.
Hinged Prow – The Second Story prow is set on hinges, supplying a better view of the living area.
8 Minifigures – Noah, Noah’s Wife, 3 Sons, 3 Daughter-In-Laws.
39 Animals – All 39 unique animals, including the elephant, can fit inside the 1st story of the Ark.  (Excluding the Dolphin & Alligator, which can swim.) 

Designer’s Notes –

This is something I designed in LDD before I learned of Lego Ideas. Unfortunately, Lego doesn’t accept any religiously based sets so I never submitted it.  Instead, I went through &altered the design to work with existing parts & colors then spent time getting the instructions good enough to post on Rebrickable.  I took a lot of artistic license with the design, but there's still a bit of symbolism for the religious minded.

~ Scott

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Name Noah's Ark
Designer EndlessAges
Designed 2017
Inventory 1126 parts
Theme Freestyle
Old Trafford
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