4882 Demon buster




The strange thing about this model that I most of it I had already put together in my head without realizing how it would really turn out. I wanted to do something with a mask-like cockpit on the front. I wanted to have arms as part of the main piece. I knew how I wanted to add the engines and I had already thought about using the two wings parallel to each other of a yellow and blue layer that connected the central part. So when I put it all together it suddenly looked like the top half of some mecha robot in flight. The arms really looked like arms and the head was more like a demon mask or something of a mecha head. The weird thing is that it still looks quite cool. The arms fit nicely if you bend them backwards and put them to the side of the wings so that it looks like a kind of aircraft or spaceship.
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Name 4882 Demon buster
Designer drosse
Designed 2018
Inventory 118 parts
Theme Designer Sets
Alternate Build of 4882-1 Speed Wings
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