42077 Race Truck




This is custom alternative model of 42077 set - Race Truck

  - adjustable spoiler
  - V6 engine
  - minor interior details
  - independent suspension
  - HOG steering
  - easy access to suspension and steering system

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Name 42077 Race Truck
Designer Lid Technic
Designed 2018
Inventory 453
Theme Technic > Model > Race
Alternate Build of 42077-1 Rally Car


  • 1 week, 5 days ago Kelzen Level 8
    Great idea to build a truck. The MOC is pretty nice but there are a lot of unused pieces that could be incorporated to make it even better. 
    The instructions were good, sometimes too much of author's hands instead of better angle on the pieces :D
    It might be worth reworking this MOC and create paid pdf instructions. (as the idea is truly amazing and it's the only truck MOC for 42077)
    • 1 week, 4 days ago Lid Technic Level 7 Designed this MOC
      Yes, my hands already become celebrity, because unfortunately I can't make them transparent. It's much easier for me to make a video tutorial instead of pdf instruction, so at least now I don't planing to make it, but any way thanks for your comment, I appreciate it, good luck
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Submitted by Kelzen Jan. 5, 2020
Submitted by LeGo Techno July 3, 2019
Submitted by LeGo Techno July 3, 2019
Submitted by Gzynek Feb. 22, 2019
Submitted by Gzynek Feb. 22, 2019