Ultimatum GTR V10




The Gearbox

I have been playing about with some sequential gearbox ideas over the last year trying to work out how to get more than 4 gears out of the 42056 style gear system, and more importantly with realistic ratios between the gears.  Finally it was time to build a car around this new gearbox.

The key design aspect was that this all had to fit within a 1:10 scale model, with the engine not mounted ridiculously high.  The solution I came up with has a lot of gears in it (mostly idlers) but it works well, and is geared so that 1st gear doesn't lock up the rear wheels when the car is pushed along.  This version of the gearbox has reverse, neutral and 5 forward gears.

1st-2nd - 1.667 step ratio
2nd-3rd - 1.333 step ratio   
3rd-4th - 1.250 step ratio
4th-5th - 1.200 step ratio

The Car
This time I decided not to directly copy any production cars but rather draw on a range of design aspects from the real world that appeal to me, and also build upon ideas from my previous MOCs.  Ultimately I focused on clean lines and achieving an end result that I really like.  The car also adapts and builds on some ideas presented in other recent MOCs such as the gear shift/selector by Didumos69.

THe car features, scissor doors, opening front and rear hood, adjustable spoiler, suspension, steering (including HOG), and of course, the gearbox.

Other Colour Ideas

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Name Ultimatum GTR V10
Designer paulvandebulk
Designed 2018
Inventory 2961 parts
Theme Technic
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