Insect Walker




When I started wondering how millipedes walk and how that could be modeled in Lego, I got inspired for a MOC that completely did not work. It got to heavy and there was too much backlash that I could not get rid of. So, I started again with a lower aim. The result is this machine. It just walks in a straight line, but I am still very happy with how it does that.
Perhaps a better name for this walking machine would be crank walker since the two major mechanisms that make it move are both based on cranks. One moves the legs back and forth, and the other moves the feet up and down. There are three cranks to move the six legs, and each leg has one to move its respective foot. There were some puzzles to solve with these cranks, and when I wrote all that down on my website, I realized that the feet could be much simpler (Meanwhile, October 2018, I made a v2, which you can find here). Also, I am not happy with the machine's appearance. But for now, this is it.

Click 'more details' for an extended description, pictures and videos of the machine as it moves.

Although I used the Mindstorms set, the Insect walker does not use any of the typical robotic parts like the computer brick, sensors or motors. I haven't checked, but perhaps you don't need the Mindstorms model at
all if you're willing to compromise or improve on the color scheme.
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Name Insect Walker
Designer Frank_van_der_Most
Designed 2017
Inventory 916 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Robot
Modification of 42009-1 Mobile Crane MK II
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