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For some reason my initial description has been deleted. Let's try again!

My Battlestar Galactica UCS MOC is based on the 2003-2009 TV show. It's 3304 parts, 

Here's a second shot of the as-built model with the side pods out (they slide on door rails and are held in place by friction alone in the stand at that angle:
And here's the underside:
More pics in my Flickr album.

[edit]Some of the parts below have been updated to be the "any color" option - they were originally red but I thought I'd try using the new doohickey instead as some of those parts are expensive in red!

The design process is covered in a thread on Eurobricks.  The instructions are the LDD-generated ones in the various split-out files, based on groups. They're usable... A couple of sticker sheets are also available on my Bricksafe page along with the LDD files, one A4-sized Word document for a variety of clear-backed stickers, one for a few copies of white-backed ones. I don't recommend using the engine stickers (they didn't really work out as I had hoped).

I cheated a bit and used rubber bands (one red one twisted up a bit to tighten it up, and one blue one, both genuine Lego ones - in the parts list but not in the LDD files) to hold the "cheek" plates on the head in the right place and at the right angles. I could make connections that'd make it work with some extra parts in LDD but couldn't actually assemble it IRL because other parts get in the way and make it impossible to do it! Not sure that "floating" approach is strictly legal, but hey - works for me!

I'm particularly happy with the Colonial logo on the shield on the back. The LDD uses a 4x4 dish instead. There's no 4x4 round tile available, but with 4 of the new macaroni tiles and a 2x2 round tile, the sticker holds it all together as if it was a single 4x4 round tile (use a 4x4 round plate underneath them to hold it all in place while you're applying the sticker, then remove the extra layer once it's stuck together). The dish and tile parts are included in the parts list. Your choice.

Could this build be optimized? Absolutely! However, I leave that as a challenge to those who follow... ;)

Have fun building!
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Name Battlestar Galactica UCS
Designer manglegrat
Designed 2017
Inventory 3304 parts
Theme Other
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