31025 - Sailing ship




Alt #2 for 31025 - A Sailing ship
The ship is built bottom-to-top, so it is completely SNOT, i.e. the deck is well-polished :)
 - Deck, with banisters
 - The front is made from one of the large mountain bricks, well-hidden (I hope)
 - I used the windows as two hatches leading to the hold of the ship. The rear one has steps leading down (see gallery), with two oil-lamps at the sides. The front one just opens to a small holding area - no steps.
 - A monogrammed sail, emblazoned with the Lemon Tree over Placid Lake of the Kingdom of Citrussia
 - A Crow's nest and a flag
 - A wheel with a telescope attached
 - At the rear, slanted windows of the captain's cabin
 - Measurements - 25x8x16 cm (to top of sail and at widest point)
 - Not minifig scale (I would estimate half-minifig)
 - Did not use all parts, but did use some spares

The ship is a composite of wood and metal, which is why it has two browns and two greys, as well as rusty and less-rusty red. I was afraid the design would be brittle, but it is sturdy, playable and not even very heavy!

PDF instructions tested thoroughly on me and then by my 6-year-old, who took about 90 minutes to build it. There is a small mistake with two 1x1 circular plates when constructing the front end, but my son indicated that was not a problem to overcome. 

This is my third sailing ship. The others are here and here. 

Please tell me what you think of my second-largest alternate to date, and also check out the compatible Cannon!
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Name 31025 - Sailing ship
Designer LegoOri
Designed 2018
Inventory 391 parts
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Alternate Build of 31025-1 Mountain Hut
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