41179 Emily's Journey




Emily's Journey to the End of Elvendale

Lego Elves sets have a lot of really nice parts. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many alternative builds for them - which would make these girl sets much better value for money :]

I bought my daughter Lego Elves set 41179 (Queen Dragon's Rescue) for Christmas and decided to throw in a small contribution, to help all those other frustrated parents of 'Lego daughters' out there.

This MOC is a pure alternative build for set 41179 - no extra parts needed. The build instructions are not quite optimal, since they were auto-generated using LDD, but they should get the job done.

Bear in mind, LDD does not contain the white dragon's head piece - use it instead of the assembled head in the instructions (see photo). It should fit perfectly. Likewise LDD does not contain the dragon wings (sails), so check the photo to infer how these should be attached.

Any comments welcome :]

I wish you an exciting and adventure-filled journey to the edge of Elvendale's stormy ocean's.

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Name 41179 Emily's Journey
Designer DanP
Designed 2018
Inventory 564 parts
Theme Elves
Alternate Build of 41179-1 Queen Dragon's Rescue
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This MOC also has a 3D digital file available (eg LDD, MPD, etc): 3D Model