42065 upgrade




Upgraded 42065 with 2 L motors, geared up 3:1 for more speed. Sacrifices a little bit of torque, but it's nice and fast now :)

My main goal was to make it faster while still leaving it looking the same from the outside. Thus the motors and gearing had to fit within the existing body layout. I think I've achieved that while keeping the gearing nice and strong.

To build, follow the main 42065 instructions to assemble the left and right track bogie assemblies, the battery and IR assembly, and the top. Then follow photos on how to modify the left/right bogies to accept the gearing and L-motors etc, and how to assemble with battery pack to give final chassis.
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Name 42065 upgrade
Designer jmarshall
Designed 2017
Inventory 391 parts
Theme Technic > Model > Off-Road
Modification of 42065-1 RC Tracked Racer
Old Trafford
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