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To get the most out of Rebrickable, there are some things you should do right away.

Profile + Settings

First off, familiarise yourself with the MY LEGO menu at the top right of the page. This is where you can access and edit all the information you have provided about yourself, as well as control some of the Rebrickable features.

Acces your Settings page (  > Settings), look through each tab and update the settings to your personal preferences. The most important ones to change first would be:

  • Privacy - enable/disable public access to any of your pages
  • Notifications - set as per your email preferences
  • Personalisation - set your timezone

Note that some of these changes may earn you some points towards your next level, which will be explained below!

LEGO Collection

You can use Rebrickable to store and manage your LEGO collection - including boxed sets and loose parts.

This also allows the Rebrickable Build Engine to analyse your collection and show you the amazing LEGO creations you can build.

You can import your collection from file, download from other compatible websites, or add your sets/parts one by one if you need to. See the topic Help Guide - Manage your LEGO Collection for details.

Build Sets and MOCs

With your LEGO Collection in place, you can run a Build Search to find other Sets and MOCs you can build with your current LEGO Parts.

When viewing the inventory for a Set or MOC, you can instantly see which parts you are missing and customise your Build with various color/part matching options.

Discover MOCs

Rebrickable has thousands of amazing fan-designed LEGO creations called MOCs (My Own Creations). Every MOC comes with building instructions and a full parts list.

As you browse and discover MOCs that appeal to you, click on the  or   LIKE MOC button to help Rebrickable know your preferences. When there are enough, you will see a new section on your home page that recommends other MOCs it thinks you will like too. This also lets the MOC Designers know that someone appreciates their MOCs!

Earn your first Badges

Participate in the Rebrickable community and earn some Points and Badges! These can be traded in for hard cash at participating Banks*.

See Help Guide - Points/Levels/Badges for more details.

* There are currently 0 participating Banks :(