Last modified March 11, 2019 by Nathan

Setup Google Analytics Tracking


Designer Plan Required

This feature is only available on the Designer Plan. See Help Guide - Plans for details.

Getting a Google Analytics Tracking ID

You can enable Google Analytics for your MOC pages for anonymized data about your traffic sources and visitor behavior. You will need a Google Analytics account and a tracking ID from Google Analytics that you enter in to your profile settings.

You'll need to create an account in Google Analytics if you don't already have one. Or, if you do already have an account tracking an existing site, you can add an extra property to it just for Rebrickable analytics. See here for more details.

Your tracking ID should be in the format: UA-00000000-0

Enabling For Your MOCs

To enter your tracking ID, go to Settings > Personalisation and find the Google Analytics Tracking ID field:

Enter your ID and tab/click out of the field to save it automatically. You will start seeing any traffic to your MOC pages show up in the real-time data in Google Analytics.