Last modified March 11, 2019 by Nathan

Premium MOC Coupons

Coupons are secret codes that provide discounts for Premium MOCs on Rebrickable. The MOC designers can create Coupon Codes for their MOCs and hand them out at their discretion - e.g. for offering a discounted price for existing customers.

  • If a Discount and a Coupon are used at the same time, the one with the biggest discount will be applied. They are NOT stacked.
  • A Coupon Code can be manually entered at payment time, or by adding coupon_code=XXXX to the URL of a MOC which will automatically apply it. eg (not a real code!)
  • Coupons can be edited at any time, unlike Discounts.
  • You cannot discount a MOC to below $1

Designers can create a Coupon from the Settings > MOCs page and click the Create Coupon button.