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Submitting MOCs


Submitting a MOC is a 6-step proces. After completing each step, you can save your work and continue at a later moment. After completing the first step, the MOC will show up on your Home page under Your Changes, with status In Progress. Use the link to pick up where you left. At any moment you can delete your MOC by using the Cancel and Delete this MOC button.

When you have completed Step 6 and your MOC has been submitted, its status will change to Waiting for Approval. Your submission will been added to a queue and an Admmin will take a look at it. When your MOC is approved it will be published automatically and you will receive an email notification. If you need to make changes after the MOC has been submitted (and before approval), you can edit any step and progress through to the resubmission page, however you will be added to the end of the review queue.


Your Free MOCs must adhere to the following rules:

  1. You must be the original designer of the model, and not submitting it on behalf of someone else.
  2. If your model is heavily based on someone else's MOC, you must credit them in your description.
  3. You must not submit a model heavily based on someone else's MOC that is for sale.

Your Premium MOCs must adhere to the following rules:

  1. You must be the original designer of the model, and not submitting it on behalf of someone else - unless you are working in partnership/as a team.
  2. Your model must not be based heavily on someone else's Free or Premium MOC.
  3. If your model has some design elements from another MOC, you must credit the original MOC's designer. If the similarities are too high, your MOC might be rejected.

Failure to adhere to these rules will have your submissions rejected, existing MOCs removed, and/or your account banned for repeated offenses.


For your MOC to be successfully considered for publishing, you must meet the minimum criteria:

  1. Image is large and clear and of your LEGO creation
  2. You must have building instructions is some accepted format so people can build your MOC
  3. You must have an accurate inventory of parts
  4. If the Inventory tab shows you have errors, you need to fix all errors or it will be rejected
  5. The MOC must adhere to our Terms and not depict any overly violent or other potentially offensive content
  6. The MOC must pass a minimal level of complexity - i.e. a minifigure with a new hat is not considered a MOC

Step 1 - Description

Use main menu MOCS > Submit a MOC to start the process. In Step 1 you will be asked to provide the MOC Details:

  • MOC Name*
  • Theme* dropdown
  • Year Designed*
  • Description

The Description field is optional but is highly recommended. You can embed other media such as images or videos. The more descriptive and interesting your entry is, the more people will like/follow you.

Press the Save and Next Step button to backup your work and continue.

Step 2 - Image

Here you will be asked to provide an image for your new MOC. Photos of real, physical, MOCs tend to work best. However, computer renderings of digital models can look good too. Try not to use simple screenshots of design tools such as LEGO Digital Designer.

You may have noticed some MOCs have a gallery of many images. That can be achieved in the next step, this one is to set the primary image used in all thumbnails.

To submit your image, you can:

  • Upload Image from File by using the file selection box
  • Upload Image from Web by entering the Image URL and pressing the Save Image / Close button
  • Drag and Drop your photo to the designated area

After uploading your image will be display at full size; press the Save and Next Step button to save your work and continue.

Step 3 - Links

All the fields in this step are optional.

  • More Details URL - this is what the main image will be linked to. If you use a publicly viewable Bricksafe page it will automatically display the images on that page in a gallery along with your main image picked in step 2.
  • CAD/3D File URL - Direct link to a digital model file if you have one. It can be the same as the instructions if you like.
  • Video - the video will be displayed underneath your description. Alternatively, you can embed the video in the description itself. It recognises any Youtube URLs automatically, but any other site must use their embed codes. It also works with Mecabricks.

Click the Save and Next Step button to save your work and continue.

Step 4 - Instructions

The first section of this step is where you specify if the MOC instructions are freely available or are for sale.

  • Free Instructions - your instructions are free to download by anyone
  • Premium (Rebrickable Hosted) - you are selling the instructions and want Rebrickable to host the files and handle payments automatically.

In the second section, you indicate if the MOC has some relationship with an existing Set or MOC. For example, it might be an alternate build of a set, or a modification of someone else's MOC.

Step 5 - Inventory

There are two ways to add parts to your MOC:

  • Importing Parts from a file such as LDD/Studio/CSV
  • Adding Parts Manually

More information about adding parts can be found in the section "Adding Parts to a Part List" of Part Lists. If you see problems listed for your inventory, you should fix them. If your MOC is a Premium one, you should fix every error or it will be rejected.

Press the Save and Next Step button to backup your work and continue. If needed, you can continue adding parts at a later time.

Step 6 - Submit

When you finished adding parts to the inventory, you are all done! To finalise your submission, you can add a note for the Admin if you like. Press the Submit MOC for Approval button to submit your MOC. On you Home page, the status of the MOC will change to Waiting for Approval and you will receive an confirmation email.

You may receive a notification from the admin if there are fixes to be made before the MOC can be approved. You can edit your current submission to fix the problem and then re-submit it.

First-time submissions may take 1-2 days for approval. If you have a proven record of submitting MOCs with good details and accurate inventories, you might have future MOCs auto-approved. This means that for MOCs which don't have any inventory errors, they will be approved automatically and immediatly published without waiting for an admin to review it.