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Pro Plan Required

This feature is only available on the Pro Plan. See Help Guide - Plans for details.

Backups of all your lists (Set Lists, Part Lists, Custom Lists) are taken automatically every day, giving you some peace of mind that your LEGO collection will remain accurate. Any mistakes can be recovered from a backup.

You have storage for up to 7 backups of each list type. This includes the automatic daily backups as well as any manual backups you initiate yourself. If there is not a spare backup slot when it runs, the oldest available backup will be removed first.

You can take manual backups by clicking the   Backup Lists button on your My Set Lists My Part Lists or My Custom Lists pages, eg:

Backup manually

You can also KEEP a backup to prevent it from being deleted. On your profile Backups page

Manage your backups

Non-Pro Users - you can always take manual backups of your lists by exporting them to files.