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Buying LEGO Parts

Rebrickable does not sell any LEGO parts directly. We link to external stores that sell the parts. We have access to these stores' inventory and so will only list stores that have relevant stock at the best prices. Supported stores for LEGO Parts are: BrickLink, BrickOwl and ToyPro.

There are several types of pages on Rebrickable where you can buy parts:

  1. Set/MOC details page - to buy all parts within a Set or MOC
  2. Set/MOC Build results page - to buy only the parts you do not already have in your LEGO Collection
  3. Part details page - to buy a single type of part
  4. Custom Lists - to buy a custom list of parts
  5. My Lost Parts - to buy the parts you are missing from boxed sets you own

You can add/import parts into your Custom Lists the same way as for your Part Lists.

Basically - any page where you see the Buy Parts tab:

Buy Parts tab from a MOC details page

Rebrickable will do it's best to only show stores that are relevant to you. It will use your saved preferences for types of stores and store regions. Where possible, it will only show stores that can deliver to your detected location (override by clicking the flag icon in top bar navigation).

In the results table, you will see the stores that currently have those parts in stock (accurate to within 24 hrs or less). For large lists of parts, it's rare to find them all in a single store. If you need to buy from multiple stores, you can click the  Multi-Buy button to use the more flexible store search features.

Store listing results for Buy Parts

Click the  Add to Cart button to automatically populate your Cart on the external site for that store.

Click the  icon to add the store to your Favourites Stores list, or the  icon to add it to your Blacklisted Stores list (both Pro Plan features).

You can also click the  icon to get a list of parts the store does and does not have in stock.

See the parts not in stock at the selected Store

After you have made your purchases and the parts shipped to you, you can update your Part Lists by importing the order. See the BrickLink or BrickOwl help pages for more details.