In a first, a LEGO model had preceded the real life model. Pictures of this set appeared before Land Rover was able to announce their latest model. There has already been a lot said about the color. Let's judge the rest.


The Set
The Box
The Instruction
The Parts
The Build


When this set was announced (or rather: leaked), I didn't know what to think. Land Rover and other all-terrain cars are not really my thing. And Olive Green happens to be my least favorite of the 100+ LEGO colors. So, at first glance this seemed to be a pass.
But then I learned that it comes with a gear box. Controlled by the 35188 - Gear Shifter, previously only seen in the 42083-1 - Bugatti Chiron. That got me interested. Underneath the Puke colored - excuse, Olive Green colored - bodywork is a lot of Technic going on! Let's dive in.

The Set

Experience world-leading vehicle design firsthand with this highly authentic and displayable 42110 LEGO® Technic™ Land Rover Defender model. Developed in partnership with Land Rover, this impressive LEGO replica captures the vehicle’s outstanding level of refinement with its clean, modern lines and sculpted surfaces, and comes with original-design rims with ground-gripping tires, plus a host of realistic features and functions. Opening doors allow access to an elaborate cabin with a working steering wheel, detailed dashboard and a new-for-October-2019 transmission system with 2 levers for engaging high or low gear ratios and a selector for changing gear – the most sophisticated LEGO Technic gearbox to date! The interior also features forward-folding rear seats that give visual access to the 4-speed sequential gearbox. And, the attention to detail doesn't end there. This awesome replica model also has an in-line 6-cylinder engine with moving pistons beneath the bonnet, working All Wheel Drive with 3 differentials, independent suspension on both axles and a working winch! You can even open the tail door with a turn of the rear-mounted spare wheel. Finished with a removable roof rack with storage box, pannier, ladder and traction mats, this impressive interpretation of the quintessential all-terrain vehicle has been designed to provide a truly immersive and rewarding building experience. The perfect gift for Land Rover enthusiasts and fans of classic collectible model cars.

The Box

The box measures 83 x 475 x 575 mm, and weighs 2910 grams. The front shows the model, and on the back are all functions shown.

Inside the box, which is packed for about 80%, are 17 bags numbered 2 through 4, 1 unnumbered bag with the rims and mudguards, 5 tires, and a white box. In the white box are 3 bags numbered 1, and the instructions with a sticker sheet in a foil pack.

The Instructions

There is 1 instruction manual, measuring 273 x 193 mm. There are 495 pages with 860 building steps. In the back are some additional images with all functions. Weirdly enough, there are no images of the real-life model. Also no hint for a B-model.

The pdf can be downloaded here.

The Parts

The set contains 2573 parts and 22 spare parts, in 15 different colors, and 32 different categories, with a total of 263 unique parts/color combinations.

Main colors are:

Main categories are:

There are 2 new parts in this set. First up is a new rim: 49294 - Wheel 56 x 34 Technic with 6 Pinholes. Also there is a new mudguard, the 46882 - Technic Panel Car Mudguard 7 x 15 x 2.

There are a total of 20 parts new in Olive Green, along with 3 parts that are new in other colors.

The new Olive Greens are:
3623 Plate 1 x 3
3666 Plate 1 x 6
3460 Plate 1 x 8
4162 Tile 1 x 8 with Groove
15068 Slope Curved 1 x 2 x 2/3
32316 Technic Beam 5
32524 Technic Beam 7
32525 Technic Beam 11
41239 Technic Beam 13
32278 Technic Beam 15
60483 Technic Beam 1 x 2 Thick with Pin Hole and Axle Hole
18654 Technic Pin Connector Round 1L [Beam]
32140 Technic Beam 2 x 4 L-Shape Thick
32526 Technic Beam 3 x 5 L-Shape Thick
32250 Technic Beam 3 x 5 L-Shape with Quarter Ellipse Thin
11947 Technic Panel Fairing #22 Very Small Smooth, Side A
11946 Technic Panel Fairing #21 Very Small Smooth, Side B
64782 Technic Panel 1 x 5 x 11
62531 Technic Panel Curved 11 x 3 with 2 Pin Holes through Panel Surface
26601 Wedge Plate 2 x 2 Cut Corner

And these parts are rare in their color, meaning they appear in 3 or less sets.

The Build

Stage 1 builds the back part of the chassis. This part houses the gearbox. There are a lot of gears involved. At this stage, you really have to keep focused. The model gets flipped and rotated a lot, and you need to keep track of the orientation of the model in hand, otherwise you'll end up in trouble with for instance the differential. Not frustratingly difficult, but a good challenge.

Stage 2 completes the chassis. In the front is a fake engine. For me, this is the first one that doesn't uses the decades old standard engine parts, and I welcome that.

In the midsection comes the gear shifter. Again, a lot of Technic is involved. The gearbox has 4 gears, both in drive and reverse. You can choose between high and low gearing. All in all 16 different possible drivetrains from the engine to the wheels!

Then, the front and rear sections get merged into the complete chassis.

Next comes the interior and a reel on the front. The Dark Tan feels a bit as a 70's style. The reel winds with a gear under the hood. It can only be retracted by pulling a lever, releasing the lock. Unfortunately, with completing the reel, there comes an end to the Technic bit of the build.

Stage 3 starts the exterior. At this stage, there is little Technic involved, except for the doors. Especially the back door has a nice locking mechanism.

Stage 4 adds the last of the exterior. I must say that this was the most boring part of the build. I'm not a fan of adding details. I know it's necessary to complete the car, but it's just a bit tedious. Not just in this build, I have that with every Technic set.

The roof rack looks like a challenge to use the most Technic Connectors possible :-). It houses 2 boxes, a ladder to get to the roof and 2 panels that can be used to cross mud or snow.


As said earlier, I'm not really a fan of off-road/SUV vehicles or Olive Green. But the build and all the functions of this model make up for that, in a big way. And in real life, it's not really that ugly. The complexity of the gearbox is impressive. This is the first time for me to use the 35188 - Gear Shifter in a set, and it works very well and smooth. The only real let-down is the performance of the gearbox. It's so complex, that it's struggling to function. A single misfit in a connection can make it crackle, especially in higher gear. In 3rd gear, the gearbox would crackle, and in 4th gear, there was no movement at all. When I ride the car, and then lift it up, the wheels spin back, like a pull-back motor. There seem to more people having this issue. RacingBrick made a video about this issue, with some tips to optimize the gearbox.

The other functions work good. In the front is a reel to tow the car out of the mud. The doors open and close smoothly, as long as you don't apply downward pressure when opening them. The back door locks with a clever mechanism, controlled by the spare tire.

The model is a good representation of the real life car. There are a few small flaws, but nothing too bad. For instance, there is a gap in the corner of the fenders. Also the doors have a big gap, but that is probably needed for a good function.

All in all I'm really impressed by this set. Despite it flaws, the build is a real treat. I would even say I had more fun building this set, than building the 42100-1, because there is much more Technic involved and it's a lot more complex. This is a showcase of why I love building Technic sets. For the amount of parts, it's also not a really expensive set, meanly because there are no electric components.


Rebrickable is all about using your bricks in more ways than the set they came in. Unfortunately, there are no alternate builds for the 42110-1 yet. But there is a MOD, or a modification of the original set. Designer CustomBricks.de has made a remote controlled version of the Landrover Defender, which is listed here on Rebrickable. I'll be reviewing this MOD soon...

Disclaimer: This LEGO set was kindly provided for review by The LEGO Group. Anything said in this post is the opinion of the author and not The LEGO Group.
Parts- and build photographs by Tobymac (© 2019 Rebrickable)


  • 1 month, 2 weeks ago lego597 Level 12
    Машина классная!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1 month, 3 weeks ago Dgxxl Level 12
    Really one of the best sets last year 👍
  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago Decoy92x Level 6
    This is a very intersting set. Usually its only sports cars so its nice to see something different. I'm guessing its 1/8 scale with the fender size so it should look nice next to the Bugatti and Porsche sets
  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago Igor X Level 19 MOC Designer
    Overall very nice looking and interesting set but i would prefer more space and detail in the interior than so many gears that barely affects anything. Also is the civilian version without all these additions on the roof and sides considered as the B model for this Technic set?
  • 4 months, 4 weeks ago HiT Level 11
    I really like the luggage box on the top!
  • 5 months ago joshmello223 Level 5
    the front is so boxy, i cant really tell if it's the new defender or the old.
  • 5 months ago Snagel Level 4
    this looks to be an equivalent to the technically great claas xerion 42054 ...
    looking good at the outside (colour aside) let's one expect it's mainly a display model, not necessarily a technic model (Bugatti and Porsche and lots of 2018-2019 sets I'm looking at you).
    but then it's packed with technic on the inside as much as there can be cramped in.
    this should / could get me back to technic, which I left with all the disappointments from the last years. if I just liked the look of the final thing ... I'll need some good price before to be convinced.
  • 5 months ago Pioneer4x4 Level 13 MOC Designer
    Nice read, I was never into Technic that much, but I really should be.  This may be the set that gets me into it.
  • 5 months ago Shandyman Level 18
    WoW! Great review, accurate, informative and concise! Well done!
  • 5 months ago SamPlaysWell Level 14
    I'm surprised at the total count for olive green parts. I had expected there'd be many more than the 199 pieces.
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