Last year I introduced the My Change Log feature for Pro Plan users which allows you to see all the recent changes you have made to your LEGO Collection. This is a great help in keeping track of what you are doing and identifying any mistakes made. Now, I have expanded this feature to track more changes that weren't possible before and added an undo button for each change.

It will now log all changes to your Set and Part Notes which it didn't before, as well as all Bulk Edit/Copy/Move/Delete operations. However, there are still some things it does not log and hence can not undo:

  • Deleting an entire populated Set or Part List won't track deletion of the individual Sets/Parts
  • Importing into Lists
  • Deleting all Sets/Parts from a List simultaneously via the Import popup (works if you use Bulk Delete though)

These operations bypass the normal logic so that they can perform much faster. To add logging to them would slow them down to an unacceptable level.

You can access the undo feature either on the My Change Log page:


Or via a new undo button in the top bar on non-mobile devices:

Which will display your most recent changes:


Give that I am a database administrator in my day job, protecting data has always been a high priority to me. If you weren't already aware, the Pro Plan features in place to help protect your data are:

  • Automatic daily backups of all Set/Part/Custom Lists (Account > Backups)
  • Logging of all changes made to your Set/Part Lists (Accounts > My Change Log)
  • Undo any changes you have made to your LEGO Collection

If you haven't taken a look, see what other features upgrading to the Pro Plan gives you. 



  • 7 months ago dentalcorp Level 11 PRO
    I have a very IMPORTANT UPDATE that you could do ; add the «ALL COLORS» option for all parts. That way, non visible parts could be «ALL COLORS» and buyer could select that color in the parts list on brinklink ( they must add it too) and buy the lowest price available part for the inside of a moc...

    Anyway, even if bricklink do not add the feature, If it's an «ALL COLORS» part I will check for the less expensive of that part to buy if I already don't have it in another color...
  • "Deleting an entire populated Set or Part List won't track deletion of the individual Sets/Parts"
    But this is covered in Back Ups I think? Here you can export an entire set/part list from the last week and re-import it into a new set/part list
    • Yep, but the backups are taken daily so if you make some changes and then drop the whole thing on the same day you can't recover those specific changes.
  • 7 months ago bossofdos64 Level 15 PRO
    Love it!  Now if you can just add the ability to set a warning threshold when modifying part counts I'll be able to completely recover from my own mistakes!
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