Six months ago I announced a monthly raffle for Pro Plan members. To date there have been six winners and almost $1000 worth of LEGO given away :) To finish up the year, the December raffle will be worth a huge €400 - enough to buy nearly anything from the LEGO store, including:

This prize will be given away to a randomly selected Pro or Designer Plan user. There is no cost to entering the raffle, other than the standard Pro/Designer Plan subscription cost. So if you haven't already done so, take a look at what the Pro Plan has to offer and why not give it a go for a while :)

To ensure the prize can be ordered and shipped before the end of the year, I will be drawing the raffle at midnight UTC on the 15th of December, instead of the end of month like we usually do.

A big thanks to the LEGO Community Engagement team for sponsoring this prize!

To re-iterate the rules:

  1. Must be on an active Pro or Designer Plan as at midnight on the day of drawing UTC time. An active plan means it is on an automatic billing cycle and has not been cancelled at that time.
  2. Must have logged in during the month
  3. Any Competition/Raffle winners are ineligible to win another prize for 12 months (see previous winners list)
  4. The December prize must be selected from the Germany LEGO online shop, choose one or two sets worth up to EUR400 in total (shipping excluded)
  5. If for any reason, the prize cannot be delivered to you an alternative prize will be arranged
  6. You will be notified via User Message (I suggest you have email notifications enabled) if you have won, within 1 day of drawing
  7. You must respond to the message within 3 days to claim your prize


  • 11 months ago Skell (1188)
    So who got it? No mail for me so I'll have to break my own piggy bank 😭
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago nigel1975 (33K) PRO
    Fingers crossed. Might get a Christmas present from Santa that I actually want :-)
    • 11 months, 1 week ago Skell (1188)
      Same here, I'm dying for the new Hogwarts!
  • 11 months, 2 weeks ago tresspicher (209) PRO
    Fun! How many Pro users are there? Are US residents eligible?
    • 11 months, 2 weeks ago Nathan (64K) Site Admin ADMIN
      It doesn't matter what country you are in, any Pro/Designer Plan users are eligible as long as the plan is still active (i.e. not cancelled).
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