I wanted to point out a new feature I've added, since it might not be so obvious. It is designed to provide more feedback to MOC designers, as well as help you keep track and build a sort of portfolio of other people's MOCs you have built.

On any MOCs page you will see a new button labelled "Add to My MOC Timeline" under the usual Build button.



When you have finished building someone's MOC, click this button and pick the date you finished building it.


Once you add it, you will be asked to upload a photo if you haven't already done so via the MOC's Photos tab. This is just the usual photo upload form, you can choose not to if you don't have one, although I encourage everyone to take photos of their builds.


Your new MOC Timeline page lists all the MOCs and shows any photos of them you uploaded. There is a new privacy setting to allow public access to your timeline page too.


If you are on the Designer Plan, you will have access to the analytics behind the usage of this new feature. You can see the number of times your MOCs are added to people's timelines. With the usual ability to drill down per MOC.


What does everyone think? A useful or interesting feature?


  • 4 months, 2 weeks ago lbrix Level 20 MOC Designer
    As a designer: Can I see how much users built my MOC?
  • 2 years ago LegoGlen Level 13 MOC Designer
    Yeah, Great feature, will have to add a couple of moc I have built.
  • 2 years ago bios4 Level 13
    I think it's quite a nice feature...

    But - I think more important in terms of MOCs (not only for me, but also for other users as per some forum entries) would be to mark "custom lists" as built, which would allow to mark bricks required to build a MOC not listed on Rebrickable as used/not available for other builds.

    But anyway I would like to thank you for the effort you put in improving the site!
    Highly appreciated...
    • Custom Lists are never included in Build calculations. I have plans for improving the Assembled Sets feature to include loose parts, which might be what you mean.
  • 2 years ago dave21 Level 10
    It's a great feature! I will use it to see my build history.
    I can imagine it might be quite useful for designers, to see how often a MOC has been built by users.

    A big thank you Nathan for improving Rebrickable consequently.
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